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Selected work examples



Brand, strategy & communication

with state of the art data technology

Media data and AI

Auto industry : 50 Brand territories & Brand-Consumer proximity

The auto industry is one of the most competitive markets, with automotive brands constantly looking for new ways to reach their customers and remain relevant. Brand territories and consumer proximity decryption are essential tools for understanding the needs of customers and staying ahead of competitors ...

We leverage Social media and AI to offer our clients a unique solution decrypting tenth of thousands of visual symbols used by Brands and consumers to shape up the Brand territories.

Brand creation

Long lasting Purpose driven brands

Creation and launch of successful long lasting Brands YOP, Panier de Fruits, SFR, Maison Verte, Velours Noir, Blancheur,  ... 

Big successes in a variety of categories derived from decryption of new unmet consumer expectations, development of product and Brand responses, communication strategy sending right signals.

Powerful Purpose from the start for strong brand attractiveness lasting up to 35 years.

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Canary Wharf London

Financial services

Value optimisation & churn reduction of customer portfolio

The Financial services firms face a host of challenges when it comes to managing their client portfolios. These companies must ensure that their clients receive the highest return on their investments and that any risks are minimised.

The program has resulted in a successful shift towards a new data-driven culture. It has lead to an innovative prospective vision of customer portfolio and to a new marketing strategy aimed at building the future rather than responding to short term issues.

Global Brand Purpose

Adjustment to local culture and context changes : The McD model

A decade of successes driving France and Europe to the status of most profitable area of the world :

New strategy « Born in USA, Made in France » - New Food innovation culture aligning McD Purpose with customer expectations - Design studio for a consumer-driven look and feel of restaurants - The shift from "Fast food" to "Good food fast" - Most successful promotion worldwide invented in France - Next generation segmentation and growth strategy process invented in Europe and deployed Worldwide 


Risk decryption & decision-making

Bold strategy during significant downturn

Mad Cow Crisis in France put at risk for the first time the McDonald’s model with a strong pressure from the franchisee’s community.
Based on consumer’s deep dive including language analysis, bold moves were taken to recreate the connection with our customers:
food security and quality, food and drink choices, new occasions to visit, value for money, local integration, brand reputation monitoring.

Vision & Purpose

Creation of a mission Company, CSR as a driver for innovation and success

The convention: the US brands will always dominate the premium

electric guitar market in France because they are the best

to reproduce the most iconic guitars as they were in the past.
The disruption: the best premium electric guitar is French because it sounds

like the best vintage guitars and meets the challenges of today's world.
The conviction: if the best possible vintage type of sound is there at a competitive price, why then choose a guitar that has not evolved in its design to integrate the major social and environmental issues of today?
Berg Electric Guitars has taken up this challenge that has pushed the company to dissect each part of the guitar, even the smallest, and to take everything into account: the materials, their components, their origin, their aging, the manufacturing methods,  the energy sobriety, the carbon emissions, Zero plastic and the strings recycling.

Electric Guitar
Digital Reading

Customer experience

Relational marketing from strategy to acquisition & loyalty programmes 

By 2023, Companies must go beyond providing great products and services, offering seamless digital experiences that are personalised, sustainable, and ethically responsible. We have worked on a variety of projects, ensuring that customer sentiment is perceived in real time and brand are consistently communicated across channels. Projects cover Customer journey decryption for leading e-commerce, levers of new customers acquisition, BtoB platform for operations in 12 countries, segmentation of customer portfolio, design and orchestration of journey and stories.

Asia Pacific

Brand management and development in China

Developing a brand in China can be a challenge due to the country's unique regulatory constraints. Companies must understand and adjust their marketing strategies to local cultural norms and values. Foreign companies must also compete with strong domestic competitors that have an inherent brand loyalty advantage.

We have managed / steered brands including Nokia, Buick, Hsbc, Heineken and Coca Cola in China, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

Red Lantern

Luxury and high luxury

Premium and affluent customers in Europe, Middle-east and Asia Pacific

Whether for luxury customers looking for seamless service with little to no effort or high luxury customers aiming for products and services tailored specifically to their needs and desires, we have a broad International experience of Brand requirements.

It all starts with acute understanding of key consumer, channel and influencer segments and requires quality input for innovation, strategy and communication challenges. 

Growth strategy

7 years deployment in 25 countries for a leading retail chain

Created and deployed the growth strategy of a multinational retail chain in 25 countries across the globe.

Strategy was centred around understanding and capitalising on consumer trends. ...  

Superior vision and retailer's ability to stay ahead of the curve with embedded agility and cater to changing consumer needs delivered impressing results and growth rates.

Go Team
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Data technology and analytics

10 Billion consumer profiles every day

Data acquisition and profiling is essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors. With the ever-increasing complexity and competitiveness of the market, it's important for companies to be able to effectively collect and analyse up to billions of data points for millions of users every day in order to gain speed and relevance of digital interactions.

This is what has been done for an award winning media Company, from setup of data alliances with media partners to technology / AI design and development for data processing operations ...

High value decision-making

A one billion € saving for a technology change program

Consumer proximity and product development are two essential components that businesses need to consider when creating successful products. In today's competitive marketplace, companies must continuously stay ahead of the competition by understanding consumer needs and preferences in order to remain relevant.

With over a billion € value at stake, this program has focused on changing recipe while gaining competitive performance for 50 leading European Brands over a 2 year period ...

Money Notes
Supermarket Aisle


Design & European deployment for a leading confectionary Brand

Innovation strategy may help leading FMCG company increase sales by more than 20% in two years. When it comes to innovation, the food and beverage industry is always on the forefront of cutting-edge trends. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it's essential for companies in this sector to have a well-defined innovation strategy ...

A 10 years successful program deployed in most European countries.

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