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Will Inflation delay shift to environmental sustainability?

Hundred years ago, our parents were fighting for survival. Inflation was high, and jobs were scarce. Many people lived hand-to-mouth, and the future was uncertain.

Fifty years ago, we started fighting for success and comfort. In inflation stabilized, and more people entered the middle class. Jobs become more plentiful, and we began to enjoy a higher standard of living. However, we also started to become more focused on material goods and our own personal comfort. As a result, we began to lose sight of some of the societal values that previous generations had held dear.

During recent years, younger generations have started fighting for these values. We have become more aware of the impact our consumption has on the environment, and we are demanding greater sustainability from the businesses we patronize. We are also searching for greater purpose in our lives, beyond simply acquiring material goods. As a result, we are starting to see a shift in societal values.

Now, growing inflation is a major challenge to these progresses because it will will probably result in a major shift in consumer values and more focus on basic survival and confort values.

First, inflation can cause #consumers to shift their #values, focus on their base contracts, and adjust their #purposes. This can lead to less investment in renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental initiatives.

Second, inflation can reduce the purchasing power of consumers, making it difficult for them to afford sustainable products and services.

Finally, inflation can make it difficult for businesses to invest in environmental #compliance and other sustainable practices.

As a result, #inflation can have a significant impact on the ability to achieve #environmental#sustainability goals, and this is probably going to be the biggest threat we need to address in the next 5 years despite all the great initiatives taking place.

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