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TOP CEO CHALLENGES IN 2023 - 10 publications from business & consulting leaders

The role of CEOs has increasingly become complex and demanding in recent years. To remain competitive in a global economy, many companies expect their CEO’s to have an expanded skill set and knowledge base.

In a new research from Business insider, CEO’s are expected to lead their teams effectively, to possess a deep understanding of technology, processes and operations within their company and strong soft skills such as communication, empathy and creativity for successful internal and external relationships.


- CEOs are increasingly required to be well-versed in managing data-driven decisions to stay ahead of industry trends.

- Technology is predicted to continue advancing over the next few years, and it is important for companies to ensure that their leadership is prepared with necessary skillsets to manage tech-driven growth and success within their organisation.

As it is obvious that new challenges emerge fast, I have compiled what top consulting Companies and business press say about it.

At least it allows to get prepared ...

Links towards full publications located in post comments (WHAT TOP CONSULTANCIES SAY ABOUT 2023).

Deloitte : … rapid response to technological disruptions, increasing customer expectations, agile and adaptive teams, data security, ethical standards.

Harvard Business Review : … long term strategies while also quickly adapt and pivot as needed. … trust with teams while inspiring innovation through creativity and empowerment.

KPMG : … transparency between stakeholders, growth of digital channels disrupting traditional models, emerging technologies revolutionising internal workforce structures, rapidly changing customer needs requiring innovation for competitiveness.

McKinsey & Company : … data and innovation to create competitive advantages, managing risk and compliance, building successful partnerships, rapidly adapting organisational strategy to stay ahead of technological disruptions.

Price Waterhouse Coopers- PwC : … cyber threats, disruptive technologies, geopolitical uncertainty and climate change, decisive leadership.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) : … decision making processes, remain agile, break down silos between departments, leverage technology for performance improvement.

Orange Business Services : … responsiveness when navigating digital transformation, keeping networks secure from hackers or cyber criminals.

IBM : … not falling behind competitors seeking out solutions that offer economic growth while maintaining social responsibility practice.

The Economist : customer experience, data protection, technology adoption, sustainable growth strategies. Furthermore, this report highlighted the need for visionary leaders with strong interpersonal skills inspiring collaboration across teams and influence external stakeholders such as governments or investors.

WHAT TOP CONSULTANCIES SAY ABOUT 2023 : Deloitte… HBR KPMG McKinsey PwC BCG Deloitte Business Insider Fortune

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