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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

As we move out of 2022, we observe a number of tech initiatives that, while well-intentioned, may cause more harm than good. From facial recognition software to the rise of algorithmic decision-making systems, here are some of the worst tech initiatives you should watch out in the coming year.

Facial Recognition Software: Implementation raises serious privacy concerns due to its ability to track and identify people without their consent.

Algorithmic Decision Making Systems: Unfortunately, these systems often rely on biased data sets which can lead to unfair outcomes for individuals based on race or gender.

Networked Surveillance: These same technologies can be used to monitor citizens’ activities—allowing authorities unprecedented access into our private lives.

AI-Powered Trolling: Organisations may begin using malicious AI agents to manipulate conversations with political propaganda or spreading disinformation campaigns.

Beside this, medical technology continues to evolve and a number of initiatives have begun emerging in 2022 that could potentially revolutionise healthcare. From advanced diagnostics tools and virtual care systems to machine learning-based treatments, here are some cutting-edge medical technologies you should keep an eye on this year:

Advanced Diagnostics Tools: This can help doctors identify medical problems at earlier stages, leading to improved outcomes for patients.

Virtual Care Systems: With the help of telemedicine, doctors are now able to deliver high-quality healthcare services remotely using virtual visits and digital tools.

Machine Learning-Based Treatments: These intelligent systems use advanced data analysis techniques to identify patterns and behaviours in order to create customised treatment plans with high accuracy rates.

Tissue Engineering: Recent advancements in tissue engineering mean that organs can now be 3D printed directly from a patient’s own cells – potentially eliminating the need for donated organs or lengthy waiting times on organ transplant lists.

Though these AI technologies come with great promise, they also bring significant ethical considerations due to their potential misuse or abuse. As we look ahead at upcoming tech trends, it’s increasingly important to consider how our actions will impact tomorrow's digital landscape. Whatever the area, making sure potential pitfalls are researched before embracing new technologies or developments in the future is going to become a key success factor !

As #ai technology continues to develop, it is more important than ever for humans to learn how to use and regulate these tools in a way that is beneficial to our society. AI can be a powerful tool if used #responsibly, but it also comes with certain risks and dangers. With the right safeguards and regulations in place, AI can truly be an asset – and ultimately represent #progress – for humanity.

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