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Talents with Business & Technology expertise

About us

Our Mission :

We are a mission Company.

We provide innovative Brand-Consumer alignment solutions that send the right signals to consumers and help Brands build trust and loyalty with target audiences.

The vision :

We envision a world where Brand-Consumer alignment is increasingly easier and built on more purposeful and sustainable foundations.

Who we are :


Rocket Thinking is a new generation advisory and consultancy firm that helps leading Companies stay ahead of market changes and better connect with their customers while having a positive impact on people and planet.

We help clients make bold, measured & confident moves regardless of the increasing uncertainty of the market place. 

We provide clients with the tools they need to revolutionise their approach to business.



Collective expertise of Brand communication and data advisors is significant and evidently capable.

We are driven by a desire to make a positive impact.

With substantial Corporate experience, expertise covers Media & data acquisition, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Social sciences, Brand purpose, ESG, Strategy, Customer experience, Innovation, Product & client marketing, Branding & Communication.

We have worked with companies in a range of sectors, including Retail, FMCG, Financial services, Auto, Luxury, Technology and Media.

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Pierre Woreczek - Brand purpose, ESG & strategy

Eric Janvier - Data, Innovation & Strategy

Steve Hyde - Executive Management and Business Strategy

Jeffrey Yu - Advertising Asia

Georges Lewi - Brand Storytelling

Ajit Varma - Musical identity of Brands

Valérie Vax - Customer Experience

Catherine Montrade - Social sciences

Michel Hansen - Social sciences

Steven Altman - Luxury & High luxury

Arthur Yu - Digital projects Asia

Bernard Camu - Data acquisition

Radhwane Chebaane - Data science & engineering

Emmanuel Ecosse - Machine learning


Tech & toolbox

(Social sciences)

Consumer influences library

Brand-Consumer proximity measurement

Drivers of emotional response

Symbol extraction from visuals & language (IA) 

Symbol extraction from music (IA)

Emotion and sentiment decryption (IA)

Life time value modelling (numeric ML)

Market projection from social media decryption

Tech and Toolbox

(Data, Media and AI)

Data scrapping and automated acquisition

Social media data streams

Massive data streams and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence tool box (unstructured data)

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